About Dr. Antoine Choucair  
About Dr. Antoine
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Dr  Antoine Choucair surgeon in Lebanon specialist in visceral surgery  and has a subspecialty in upper gastrointestinal  and hepato-pancriatico-billary surgery.

He received his medical degree, his internship and residency in general surgery from the Saint Joseph University in Beirut and completed his formation in visceral surgery at St Antoine University in Paris (France) and Claude Bernard University in Lyon (France).

And has 2 diplomas from the university of Claude Bernard Lyon France.

He has several publications in internal and international scientific journals.

He has been invited to talks in local and international symposia, and has featured as guest in several scientific TV programs.

He is a teacher in St Joseph university of Beirut.

He receives his patients in St Joseph hospital Dora, hospital Cortbawi Adma and in his private clinic in Jounieh.

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